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How to order #017: A Work Dress with Three Sleeves and Optional Collar:
Circa 1836-1855


#017: A Workdress with Three Sleeves & Optional Collar. $25.00 (US dollars)

The #017 pattern was created from "A Full High Gown, To Open in Front" in the Workwoman's Guide. The cutting instructions and construction by the author were adequate for 1836 but would be difficult for today's sewer to understand. To make it easier to sew, we copied the construction and sewing techniques used in original nineteenth century work dresses found in private the museum collections.

According to the author a full high gown that opens in front is "particularly suitable for house-maids, dairy or kitchen-maids, char and washerwomen; they should be made of the strongest print, . . . It is bad economy to buy a cheap poor material for a working dress, under the idea that it will do very well for common purposes, when they should stand a good deal of wear and tear."

The gathered bodice is secured by the lining. If you do not want a gathered bodice you may cut a bodice using the lining pattern pieces.
The fashion fabric and lining are then sewn as one or as we say today the bodice is flat lined.

Accompanying the dress pattern is a large short sleeve, a smaller short sleeve, a long sleeve and collar. All were described as appropriate to wear with the work dress.



Order the pattern in B, C & D cups in sizes 8-14, 16-20 and 22-26. Fabric requirements in 45" width: The 1836-1842 View: Sizes 8-14 needs 6-7/8 Yds., 16-20 needs 7 Yds., 22-26 needs 8-1/4 Yds. The 1843-1855 View - Sizes 8-14 needs 6-1/2 Yds., 16-20 needs 6-5/8 Yds., 22-26 needs 7-7/8 Yds.

This pattern is copyrighted and is for personal, non-commercial use only. Dressmakers and other professional commercial users contact Past Patterns for an annual license fee of $20.00.

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