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How to order #040: Napoleonic Era British Foot Soldier's Jacket circa 1806-1820

040: Napoleonic Era British Foot Soldier's Jacket circa 1806-1820 $33.00 (US dollars)

This pattern is drafted. That means that it was created using early 19th century pattern drafting systems, the specifications from the British military archives and original issue uniforms. It has the small back and deep set sleeves typical of British military uniforms for the years 1806 to 1820.

The pattern contains templates for placing the looping on the jacket left and right sides, the cuffs, and wings. In addition to construction instructions the Sewing Guide contains instructions for Hand Stitches and How to Create the Five looping shapes. Saundra Ros Altman has written and illustrated the sewing and fitting instructions. James Kochan and Henry Cooke IV edited the text and Looping Shapes section.

This pattern is available in army issue sizes 1 [36], 2 [38], 3 [40], 4[42] and modern sizes 5 [44], 6 [46]. Of 54 inch wool cloth the jacket: Sizes 1 and 2 require 1-2/3 Yds.; 3 requires 1-3/4 Yds., 4 and 5 require 1-7/8 Yds.; 6 requires 2 Yds.

NOTIONS: Linen hand sewing thread, reproduction buttons, reproduction lace. Buttons - The number, size and form of buttons varied by corps, although most coats of battalion or grenadier enlisted men or sergeants required 18 large "coat" and 12 small "vest" buttons, while light infantry coats were usually fully trimmed with small buttons. Lace - Enlisted lace was 1/2 inch wide of distinct regimental pattern. Although the amount varies by regiment or corps, it generally required 12 yards of worsted regimental lace to trim the buttonholes and edgings of enlisted men and sergeants' coats, while drummers' or music coats required 28 to 32 yard.

Fabric Suppliers: Historical Costume Services. Henry Cooke at: . Thread, fabric, & tape: Wm. Booth Draper, 12119 Bigelow Ave., Hebron, IL 60034,

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