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#041: U.S. Army Roundabout Matching 1812 Specs $30.00 and Big & Tall sizes $20.00 (U.S. dollars).

James Kochan is the spirit behind the development of this round jacket pattern. We began work together in 1990. He provided the concept that the cuff had to be added to the documented sleeve length. He also suggested the height of the collar with documentation from the National Archives. The other vital person, who even James Kochan will acknowledge shared his research with a teenaged James, is Stephen Osman. Stephen has been researching in the National Archives for over thirty-five years. All of us in costume history owe a debt of thanks to Stephen Osman and James Kochan. Without their determination to find and share accurate information, costume history—particularly military costume history—would be less developed and refined.

One pattern matches the measurements of the U.S. Army correspondence of 1812 describing the size No. 2 of the Linen Jacket with Sleeves. The sizes No. 1 [38], No. 3 [42], and No. 4 [44] are extrapolated from the No. 2 [40]. A bonus with the U.S. Army issued sizes is an adjusted pattern for the modern man needing a larger armhole.

The second pattern is the Big & Tall sizes. It begins where the U.S. Army issued sizes stop. It also has the larger armhole. The chest sizes are 46" through 54".

Of 58 inch wool or linen: Sizes 1 requires 1-5/8 Yds.; 2 requires 1-2/3 Yds.; 3 requires 1-3/4 Yds.; 4 requires 1-7/8 Yds.; 46+ requires 2-1/8 Yds.; 48+ requires 2-1/4 Yds.; 50+ requires 2-3/8 Yds.; 52+-54+ requires 2-1/2 Yds.
Of 45 inch wool or linen: Sizes 1 requires 2-1/8 Yds.; 2 requires 2-1/3 Yds.; 3 requires 2-1/2 Yds.; 4 requires 2-5/8 Yds; 46+ requires 2-1/2 Yds.; 48+ requires 2-3/4 Yds.; 50+-52+ requires 2-7/8 Yds.; 54+ requires 3-1/8 Yds.

Notions: 3/8 Yd. 45" wide pocketing fabric, white/brown linen thread and 11 reproduction foliated script I buttons.

Foliated script buttons, thread, fabric, & tape: Wm. Booth Draper, 12119 Bigelow Ave., Hebron, IL 60034. Phone: (815) 648-9048, e-mail:,

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Thanks to the following institutions and individuals who generously allowed me to study coats with narrow backs: Don Troiani; James Kochan; Historic Deerfield; Ohio Historical Society; the Western Reserve Historical Society; the Wayne County Museum in Richmond, Indiana.; and the Huguenot Society in New Paltz, New York. Thanks again to Don Troiani for the art that graces this Website titled and copyrighted, “Private Scott’s Brigade US Infantry Regular 1814", . Thanks to Anne Bissonette for creating the exhibitions “Fashion on the Ohio Frontier: 1790-1840, The Age of Nudity” and “Hair: The Rise of Individuality 1790-1840.” Thanks also to Elizabeth Bowling for editing the pattern notes, Ericka and Ken Osen, Nancy Rexford, RoxAnne Raisner, Kathleen and Fritz Kannik of Kannik’s Korner, Susan Greene of the American Costume Studies Institute, Robert Stone, Henry Cooke IV, Kevin Seligman, Parks Canada, John Altman, and the many others who have helped me over the years to bring this project to light. I owe all of you more thanks than you will ever modestly accept.

FINAL TESTING - Final instructions and pattern tested and edited by Holly Turner of Holly’s Custom Sewing. Phone Ms. Turner at (573) 438-4596.

Phone us at (937) 223-3722 or use the Order Form to order by fax or mail.

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