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How to order #042: 1806-1815 State Militia Regimental Coat

#042: 1806-1815 State Militia Regimental Coat $30.00 (US dollars)

In the background notes, Ken Osen explains: "Our new Militia Regimental coat pattern is based on several surviving examples of the square cut regimental coat from around the country. Although the first impression is that most of these coats are the same; they all vary in both functional and applied details. If you elect to reconstruct a coat in this style, we advise you to check with local and state historical museums to see if there might be a surviving coat from your area to use a a guide for these variations."

"We have chosen to duplicate the most common features that might have been worn by the common soldier of a pre-war uniformed militia organization. The all blue wool regimental coat with red facings would not be out of place at any Militia muster during the first quarter of the nineteenth century."

This pattern is available in three chest sizes by inches: 36-40, 42-48, and 50-56. The fabric requirements are for 60 inch wide broadcloth or wool coating. For the blue coat: 36-40, 2-1/8 Yds.; 42-48, 2-1/2 Yds.; 50-56, 3 Yds. For the red facings and white turnbacks: all sizes, 3/4 Yd.

Suppliers for broadcloth and accessories: Wm. Booth, Draper, ; Roy Najecki,; Needle and Thread, Phone (717) 334.4011.

The State Militia Regimental Coat pattern is a joint effort. Ken Osen wrote the background notes. Craig Fisher illustrated the art for the web and pattern covers. Saundra Altman drafted the pattern. Erica Osen adjusted the pattern draft for the Militia Regimental Coat. Ericka Osen and Saundra Altman wrote and illustrated the sewing instructions. Holly Turner edited the pattern package.

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