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#1954: Frock for Women and Young Girls: Circa 1927

The Vintage Revivals patterns are only one size; the original size. The pattern envelope, instructions and pattern pieces are unedited. The pattern has well illustrated instructions. It is printed on white bond paper and packaged in plastic.

Pattern #1954 Frock

Size: Bust 40", Hips 42-1/2"

This pattern was published by The Butterick Pattern Co. The frock can be made with sleeves or without and with the back drape or without. The neckopening can be high, low or V. The tier draperies and the back cape can be made of lace.

The instructions are clear and well illustrated. The seam allowance is 3/8 inch but the sides, shoulders, cape and sleeves have a "French fitting seam" provided for "letting out". The French fitting seams add 2 inches to the 3/8 inch seam allowance. If you are a size 42 you would be able to fit the frock.

Suggested fabrics: Fine All-Over Lace, Georgette, Silk Voile, Crepe Roma, Crepe Satin, Marquisette, Silk Crepe, Crepe de Chine.

"No Up or Down" Materials required: With Cape Back w/o Sleeves- 4-3/4 Yds. 36" wide,
4-1/4 Yds. 39" wide, or 39" Lace 4-3/4 Yds. With Cape Back and Long Sleeves -5 3/8 Yds. 36" wide, 4-3/4 Yds. 39" wide. Without Cape Back and Long Sleeves - 4-3/8 Yds. 36" wide, 4-1/8 Yds. 39" wide. Without cape back and w/o Sleeves - 4-Yds. 36" wide, 3-5/8 Yds. 39" wide.

Cost: $20.00

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