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#3973: Ladies' Tunic Overblouse: 1908

The Vintage Revivals patterns are only one size; the original size. The pattern envelope, instructions and pattern pieces are unedited. The pattern is computer generated in modern sizes 8 through 26, printed on white bond, and packaged in plastic.

#3973 Tunic Overblouse: $15.00 (US Funds)

Multi-Size: 8 (32 1/2" Bust) to 26 (47-1/4" Bust)

The Home Pattern Company was the title of the patterns sold from The Ladies' Home Journal magazine. The Ladies' Tunic Overblouse pattern was advertised in the September 1908 issue under the article, "For The Girl Who Makes Her Own Clothes." The article starts, "Something else we all need is a dress for evening wear. In the afternoon a waist [blouse] of silk crepon matching the color of our tailored suit is complete without a coat, but for evening we must have something light and pretty - and a lithe waist [blouse] and dark skirt will not do." The article suggests remodeling a dress and wearing the Tunic Overblouse over the dress, "for Afternoon and Evening Wear During the Winter." The model on the right shows the overdress with bound edges and buttons at the shoulders. Both views feature a rosette at the waist.

Originally the pattern was described as "Ladies' Tunic Overblouse, Closed in the front; consisting of an overblouse, or jumper, joined to a four-gored tunic or overskirt, with [both] regulation or slightly Empire back. Tunic or overblouse section may be used separately. To be worn over princess and lingeries dresses or slips."

Suggested fabrics: Bordered batiste or thin cotton, silk, and lace beading or lace insert.

Materials required in 45" width fabric with or without nap: Sizes 8-14 - 3-1/4 yds., Sizes 16-20 - 3-1/2 yds., Sizes 22-26 - 3-5/8 yds.

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