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How to order #709 1850s-Late 1860s Garibaldi Shirt.

#709 1850s-Late 1860s Garibaldi Shirt. $14.00 (US funds)

The shirt is named after Giuseppe Garibladi, of Italy, who was the equivalent of George Washington, of America. The historical notes follow Garibaldi's early life, his escape to South America and his return to Italy where he championed his and the national cause of freedom from Monarchical rule. He was wildly popular in Europe and the United States.

Combine the Garibaldi blouse with the 700 skirt and a wide belt for a sports outfit to wear for croquet, a picnic or to the beach.

The original fabric was a cotton chambray with an orange warp and a white filler.

The pattern is multi-sized 8 through 26 in a B, C and D cup. Of 45" fabric: Sizes 8-14 require 2-1/3 Yds., Sizes 16-20 require 2-3/8 Yds., and Sizes 22-26 require 3 Yds.

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