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How to order #712 Hoop Skirt with Hoop Flounce Circa 1864

#712 Hoop Skirt with Hoop Flounce pattern is Multi-Sizes S-XXL. $20.00 (US funds)

A kit, which includes everything needed to make the to make the Hoop Skirt, is $35.00. If the Flounce is needed add $20.00.

Past Patterns' Hoop Skirt with Hoop Flounce was pulled from an original.

A hoop skirt is necessary to create the formal Dickensian, bustled, silhouette popular from the mid-1850s through the mid-1860s. The Historical Notes document the origin of the hoop skirt, their sale in newspapers, their entries in diaries, and their descriptions in ladies' magazines of the era.

The circumference for the finished Hoop Skirt is 105 inches for the smallest size, and 120 inches for the largest size. The Hoop Flounce buttons to the Skirt to create a fuller evening silhouette of 130 inches for the smallest size and 145 inches for the largest size.

The Skirt requires 3-1/4 Yds. of 45 inches wide fabric for all sizes. The Flounce requires 2 Yds. for all sizes.

The Hoop Skirt is illustrated with Past Patterns' #707 Chemise. Past Patterns' #706 Petticoat and Drawers works with the hoop skirt for ordinary wear. To make our #706 Petticoat fit over the evening size hoop flounce cut out two back panels and make the placket at the center back seam. Consider ordering the #703 Dayton Skirt Supporting Corset and/or the #720 Madam Foy Skirt Supporting Corset. Both of these corsets have a curved reed sewn in at the back below the waist which supports the weight of the Hoop Skirt.

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