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How to order #903 Late 1880-1892 Day Dress.

#903 Late 1880-1892 Day Dress $21.00 (US dollars)

The full skirt is gathered into a flattering point at the waist front and back. Two pockets, one large in the back and another in the front for your watch make this a practical dress.

The original fabric is a cotton plaid, woven in a light blue, white and yellow. The original dress is the one with the puffy sleeves and shirt collar. We replaced the shirt collar with a short standing collar so popular in the practical clothing of the 1880s and removed the puff at the top of the sleeve to give you a style variation.

The pattern is multi-sized 8 through 26. Sizes 8-14 requires 6 Yds.; sizes 16-20 requires 6-5/8 Yds.; sizes 22-26 requires
6-1/8 Yds. of 45 inch wide fabric.

button This gown and the 711 are examples of front buttoning gowns that could use reproduction calico buttons to advantage.

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